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Violence is the number one reason for spinal cord injury in Colombia, it is closely linked to the lack of education and the lack of social opportunities. Today there are 3.2 million people who suffer some type of disability and approximately only 8% of this population has access to decent work that allows them to generate income. One of the factors that most influences this statistic is the roads and public transport that lack specific adaptations for the different needs of its citizens. This sums up because the opportunities of people who use wheelchairs are greatly diminished and causes people to lose motivation as the job offers simply do not fit them, are not taken into account or simply because they are not competitive they are not hired.

MATT (Mobility, Accessibility, Time, Work) is created with the intention of generating job opportunities to enhance the skills of all people who in some way are not heard by the labor system in Colombia. The device is developed in Medellín to keep production costs low and be accessible to the largest number of vulnerable population.

It is an easily adaptable electric manual wheelchair towing device. It is ecological mobility, it is removable, easy to store, perfect for traveling and seeing beautiful places in cities in Colombia. We are a project with a social proposal that satisfies local clients throughout Colombia and that is projected to other countries in South and North America.

Today MATT has become more than just an element of mobility, in a foundation that seeks to enrich the working environment of a population marginalized by lack of education through strategic alliances with public-private companies.


Our goal is to promote the independence of people with all types of disabilities, enabling them to make positive life choices and to gain back control of their life.

Preguntas Frecuentes

1. What is M.A.T.T?

We are a group of disruptive citizens who are not satisfied with the city’s current public mobility system for people with disability (PWD).

2. What do we do?

We design social and labor solutions, catering to those with disabilities through the use of technological tools such as digital platforms and electronic devices adaptable to the environment.

3. What we want?

We are currently seeking to expand our Internal Organization while continuing to provide more opportunities and solutions to those affected by disabilities.

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